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Year Five Baghdad Day

Baghdad Day was to teach us how it was in Baghdad in AD 900 also how it was compared to Europe. 

Our first activity on Baghdad Day was trading – it was very fun. Most people thought silk was rare but in fact nutmeg was rare. Even though I didn’t have nutmeg I won the game with 315 points. After that we went into an escape room. Our goal was to escape and I got a certificate to enter the House of Wisdom. The escape was hard but we conquered it. Then we went to the House of Wisdom. In there we looked information in books and on computers and tablets. Then we did calligraphy where we wrote in Arabic and Cuneiform. It was fun and very calming. 

Afterwards, we did Islamic art. We did 2. The first was geometric patterns, and the 2nd one was a tapestry. The geometric patterns were colouring in little shapes, and patterns and the tapestry was painting a scene on a large piece of paper. 

What I learned was silk is valuable in trading. Also, I learned that people make their own medicine. 

What I loved most in Baghdad Day was the trading it was really fun and we got to experience trading in Baghdad. 

Rebecca H. 5P