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Lego in the curriculum - inspiring future careers

Class 4D and 4W visit Lego's London HQ to consider how they can protect biodiversity at Eastbrookend Country Park, Dagenham

There was excitement from seeing the tall buildings in central London.  There was excitement from travelling up high in a glass elevator.  There was excitement from entering a floor filled with Lego.  There was excitement from using our ideas to build something that could protect biodiversity in our local area.  There was excitement from the idea, 'I could one day work here.'

Today it was the turn of the remaining Year Four classes to visit Lego HQ to learn about animal habitats, especially within Eastbrookend Country Park.  We considered what was needed to protect the local wildlife in order that they may thrive.  Not only did this develop the pupils' scientific understanding, it also provided excellent opportunities to collaborate and think creatively - all important skills for the workplace.   It was also great to see the children think about the different jobs that exist within this office: from marketing to sales, public engagement to design.  Maybe your child will one day work for Lego?

For me, it has really got me thinking about how we can use Lego to motivate, inspire and raise attainment across the curriculum: from learning fractions in maths to understanding the features of various religious buildings; from developing a setting in literacy to understanding how to construct a bridge in DT. 

Watch this space.  I am sure over the next year you will be seeing much more Lego in our curriculum. 

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Mr Huntingford