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Our new prayer and reflection stations

Cheta Okoli from 5H writes about our prayer stations

There are different types of prayer stations around our school and I am going to tell you about three.  There is the calm corner near the library.  If you’re feeling sad or worried you can sit near the calm corner and calm down to help take your problems away.  Outside the science room is the positive station.  It is decorated with fairy lights, yellow cloth and there are discs that you can write a positive message on.  There is also a mirror to remind you how wonderful you are!  There is also a prayer station about change that helps us think about what we have enjoyed this year and what we are looking forward to in the future.  Year five are now designing their own prayer stations and some may even be used!  I have really enjoyed settling back in with my friends and teachers at school and look forward to more things getting back to normal.