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Our community Easter celebration

Food, games and amazing performances!

Our Easter community event took place on Wednesday.  And what an event it was! Not only did about 600 children, staff and parents enjoy a delicious al fresco breakfast but we also enjoyed games, trampolining, Easter bonnet parade, raffle along with excellent choir and dance performances.  This was the first time many of our pupils had performed in front of an audience and didn’t they do well!  And of course, we must not forget that Year Four reminded us all of the true meaning of Easter: that Jesus died, defeated death and rose again so we can be made right with God – a message summed up so well by our local minister, Joel Edwards. Presenting this was a significant challenge that I presented to the Year Four team.  Not only did they have to perform outside but they had a very large audience (not forgetting that due to lock downs, the last time these children performed live would have been their early years nativity!  As I am sure you can tell, I am immensely proud of all the pupils who either performed well or behaved impeccably during this event along with the staff who worked tirelessly to sure this ‘crazy idea’ that popped into my had when driving to work was such a success!  My immense gratitude to them all.  And also to all of the parents who shared such positive feedback with us – your encouragement does spur us on!

Mr Huntingford