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Our new school library is now complete!

Our learning spaces are improved places!

Over the past term I have, on occasion, shared with you examples of our improved learning spaces.  William Ford is not fortunate enough to have a lovely new building or a characterful Victorian build. However, we are not to be defeatist but rather look to maximise what we have been given.  It is with this in mind I am excited to share with you our improved library is now complete! With reading for pleasure now such an important strand of developing a child’s education, I am delighted to share that what was once a dull and uninviting part of the school that was often used to store items that did not have a natural home, is now a bright and vibrant space easily accessed from the playground.  With many new books on display, modern and traditional book characters hiding within the forest theme and a celebration of diversity within children’s literature, it is great to see the delight on the pupils’ faces this morning as they eagerly visited to change their books or peek in from the playground as they arrived at school.  Next week, we complete our science lab and Year Five space area!