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Cultural Capital

What is cultural capital in primary school cultural capital in primary  school?

At William Ford we expect pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to work just as hard as their peers, and we provide them, along with their peers, with planned cultural capital experiences they might otherwise not easily receive. 

In recognition of the needs of the community in which we serve, the school has committed to providing rich and meaningful experiences to all pupils that families may find difficult to provide. 

Meaningful and engaging trips linked to the curriculum: 

Our agreed list of 12 things we want the pupils to have experienced linked in with the curriculum and our Christian mission and values.: 

  • Visit a foreign country 

  • Represent the school in music/sport/art 

  • Serve within the local community 

  • Visit London including the West End 

  • Eat in a restaurant 

  • Perform to an audience 

  • Visit contrasting locations - beach, forest, farm 

  • Residential - spend at least a night away from home 

  • Cook a meal 

  • Act generously within the wider world 

  • Experience and enjoy UK attractions: zoos, museums, castle, National Trust. 

  • Links made with the Christian ethos of the school/SIAMS framework – disagree well, courageous advocacy, discuss, debate, big questions, morals. 

The school subscribes to the Brilliant Club to ensure higher attaining deprived pupils are introduced into the life and culture of university by experiencing university style seminars as they learn and research about philosophy with a local PhD student. This raises aspirations for our most deprived pupils. 

Learning is enriched by many external visitors who further enhance the curriculum offer. These visits/visitors have included: A storyteller from Cambridge University, STEM with a neighbouring secondary school, Science Theatre Groups, PDSA, Reuse Workshop, Animal Workshops, English Heritage, annual Y6 Residential trips to an activity centre, specialist visitors such Astrodome dome, pantomimes, Bikeability, Royal Ballet, alongside a range of galleries and museums based in London: British Museum, National History Museum, Greenwich Observatory, Maritime Museum, Horniman Botanical Garden.