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Learning environments

Our amazing learning environments

At William Ford we are very proud of our bright, vibrant and creative displays.  Across the school, communal areas have been themed to celebrate the various topics we cover in order that pupils can engage with these throughout their learning.  This not only immerses pupils in their learning but also protects staff worklife balance by providing permanent curriculum-related displays with minimal updating required.  These displays are also used to celebrate pupils' learning.  Within classes we use 'Working Walls, created within the lesson to provide helpful models and prompts to support pupil independence.  

We hope the pictures below give you a taste of our fantastic environments.

Year Three Rocks, Soils and Volcanoes


Year Three Egyptian Tomb

Year Three discovering ancient markings and artefacts in our school's 'Egypt Room.'



Year Four's Prehistoric Cave Reading Area


Year Four - Romans


Year Five - Space


Year Five - Space Reading Area

Year Six - Our Local Area - Dagenham


Year Six - Victorians 


Our French café

Our school library


Our science lab


Our school hall



Curriculum areas




Classroom Environments