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Our values

Although there is a diversity of belief and emphasis within our existing school community, we do ask that everyone at William Ford understands our values and endeavours to join us in living them out, whatever their particular task or role. By values we mean descriptions of the way in which we hope every member of the school, adults and children, will conduct themselves through life. In short they answer the question: how do we do things round here?

With our vision having such a focus on Jesus Christ, the school community chose values that are based on the key part of Jesus’ ministry: His death and resurrection.  From the gospels’ retelling of events we chose the following values for our school:

Humility - Roman Centurion – recognised he was wrong and that Jesus was the son of God

Service - Women who ministered to Jesus

Repentance – Criminal on the cross who asks Jesus for forgiveness

Forgiveness – Jesus: “forgive them father for they know not what they do”

Hope - Resurrection – Jesus gives us hope


Children learn more and engage with our vision and values through our annual

‘Vision Day’ and ‘Values Day.’ This complements our other themed days based on British Values and Spirituality.